Trends in Interior Design for 2018

Trends in Interior Design for 2018

According to many opinions in the field, the trends in terms of interior design are similar in general, in analysis being included also the wooden furniture. Although furniture is the central element of a room, it could not be worthless without the presence of some decoration elements to offer even more beauty. So besides the trends in wood furniture, we will talk about other elements such as light, color, accessories, shapes.

According to Vieyet (the main purchasing market for vintage wood furniture and  from designers in New York), there are five trends in interior design: metal elements, furniture pieces inspired by the 70's, natural elements (such as wood), ikat fabric and velvet. In terms of metal elements, emphasis is placed on: gold, silver, bronze especially during this holiday season. However, they can easily blend with other styles. The 70's inspired wood furniture has a special vibe and combined with the other elements creates the idea of elegance and good taste. Not only petrified wood is a natural element of designers, but also stone, crystals. Each of them has an organic texture almost impossible to reproduce. Here we are talking about a combination of the hardness of the rock and the beauty of the wood. This particular type of wood is formed on the basis of the remains of the terrestrial vegetation. The process takes place underground, where the wood is covered with sediment or volcanic ash. But it takes millions of years for wood to be replaced in time by minerals, yet keeping its original shape and look. Velvet is also a special noble material that brings a big plus when is associated with wood furniture.

Pantone (the world-renowned authority for colors) says, varied geometric shapes (eg those used in the wallpaper) represent a novelty in 2018. Other tendencies would be: printing (message pillows, message boards), high wood presence not only as furniture, but also as a decoration or accessory. This evolution of technology makes us want more than ever to be surrounded by natural elements such as wood. It will be present in unexpected places such as ceilings, walls, lamps or vessels needed for plants. Emphasis is placed on warm colors (in the bedroom) and on metallic items (eg coffee tables, fabrics). And last but not least, the intense colors are those that will appeal to the year 2018. We speak of hues such as: violet, fucsia, light blue, green, filled with iridescent tones, such as turquoise, pink, white.

According to an article by Architectural Digest publishers who visited the furniture market in High Point (North Carolina), there have been several trends in wood furniture. Emphasis is placed on unusual, irregular shapes (circular sofas). There is also a note of the 40's furniture, as well as a combination of modern style and retro style. The four-poster beds, especially those of glossy mahogany, are among the "stars" of 2018. Besides the light red color, wooden beds are also painted in the light shade, like white. The oval tables will replace the classic round or rectangular tables.

As a last-seen opinion, I took into account the trends in indoor design promoted by Houzz (a platform for home remodeling and design). Houzz believes that white will always be a classic color in terms of kitchen design, but homeowners should also focus on other hues such as neutral (gray, blue) and warm (cupboards painted in warm tones, like mahogany). The parallels between 2017-2018 will be in the form of warm-color colors, so next year camels, rust, black-brown or yellow burnt, will create a sophisticated and appealing look for wooden furniture. Another novelty would be floral prints, especially those with high contrast (eg black and white). Houzz also highlights the fact that there is a vintage accent that should not be omitted. An example of this would be copper lamps. Wooden panels and recycled sheets will be used as bedroom wallpaper. Concluding, the interior design trends of next year will be: warm colors, atypical geometric shapes, vintage vibe, metal elements, wooden wallpaper.


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