Egypt Ply Wood: High Quality Products

Egypt Ply Wood: High Quality Products

The Egyptian company Egypt Ply Wood, which had a very strong presence in Woodtech Forum, organized by MEDEXPO in Damietta, has a long tradition for years in manufacturing and marketing plywood and veneer.

The company's headquarters located in the industrial zone of Damietta, where the modernized facilities, is the production of quality plywood. The qualified personnel who are constantly trained in the new market conditions, using top quality raw material for the production of plywood, feature, which makes the plywood of Egypt Ply Wood apart from this competition.

Leading company in Middle East

Egypt Ply Wood is one of the leading companies in timber production in Middle East. Quality materials and qualified staff, has a result of high quality products, which meet international production standards. Also, Egypt Ply Wood has strong export activity, worldwide.

Why to choose the products of Egypt Ply Wood?

According to company owners, Egypt Ply Wood is a unique company with commitment in uses refined raw materials, for the production of the final products. Additionally the plywood which is produced by the Egyptian firm, is being offered in all kinds of dimension, while at the customer's desire can be customized according to the requirements and characteristics of the application.

Excellent results in Woodtech Forum

Egypt Ply Wood as we said before had a strong presence in Woodtech Forum, with hundred of visitors passing by the company’s stand, who were interested to learn about the company's products, while making highly effective B2B meetings for future partnerships.