Akritas: The leading company in Greece of raw particle board panels

Akritas: The leading company in Greece of raw particle board panels

AKRITAS is the leading supplier of raw particle board panels and related products in Greece. The company made a name for itself in the wood industry through its products quality, the dynamism and its strong organizational structure.

AKRITAS, that celebrates this year its 40th anniversary since its foundation, has been internationally acclaimed with exceeding its customers’ quality and services  demands  through constant evolution. AKRITAS S.A, today employs more than 240 people, was founded in 1977 with headquarters in Alexandroupolis. The fact of immediate association and cooperation of Alexandroupolis port with Alexandria and Damieta’s port ensures superb service of its Egyptian partners.

Its main activity is the production of particleboard and products based on it like, melamine, worktops - doors, postforming semi-finished elements. The particleboard production is certified according to the E1 standard. The company has a highly modern, state - of- the - art production facilities that allows to ensure the exceptional quality of the entire product range. The facility, which occupies an area of 350000m² of company owned land, comprises 3 melamine production units, 2 direct post-forming and one normal postforming unit. The company combines many years of experience with advanced scientific and technical know-how in the field of  wood-processing technology.

It is worthwhile submitting to your attention that AKRITAS has a contemporary chipboard production unit with a capacity of 1000 m₃ in 24hours base. The company’s’ commercial network extends throughout Greece with 2 sales offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. It has developed significant export activity, through an organised sales network headquartered in N. Agchialos, Thessaloniki. The company exports its products to the countries of South East of Europe, of Mediterranean and also of Middle East.

AKRITAS offers a variety of products from high quality laminate and trend-setting materials  that meet  all the international quality  standards. The company has established itself with products of international prestige, with qualitative and technological specifications that satisfy the most demanding market  applications. From the very first day of its operation,  the company set as a basic prerequisite, the commitment to provide products with advanced sensitivity and sense of responsibility towards the environment . For this reason, today our production meets the international standards EN ISO 9001-2008, CARB 2 and Responsible Forest Management (FSC®).


AKRITAS SA. with its 40 years experience, with the most complete and modern facilities, with experienced and highly trained staff,  produces a very wide variety of products that stand out for their quality and durability. It guarantees quick, responsible and reliable service, which are always available to our partners and customers.

For more information, you can visit the company’s address www.akritas.com